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When you catch that vision, it is formalized by joining with a band of brothers committed to do the work to complete the mission and be commissioned as a Champion of Honor.

All of the books listed in the Curriculum have been approved and count towards commissioning. To be commissioned, a Champion must complete 10 resources, regularly attend men’s meetings, and read his Bible daily.When a man has been faithful with his training, consistently supporting his church and “Band of Brothers,” and has completed these requirements, he is then eligible to be commissioned.

The commissioning of a man has specific requirements to round out his journey and a Champions sword is presented to the man upon completion of discovering his Biblical masculinity in this process. At that point, the church should order the sword to apply for commissioning. There is a $100 commissioning fee. He will then be recognized in a commissioning service. After the man has been commissioned, we encourage the church to continue developing the plan and award to recognize the men as they grow in Christ.