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This is where the books come in.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians that Christ prepares His church by “the washing of water by the word.” By the same token, a man who wants to grow in Godly manhood needs to read his Bible and books that are written from a Godly Masculine perspective.

All of the books listed below have been approved and count towards commissioning. To be commissioned, a Champion must complete these listed resources.

After being commissioned, men are encouraged to continue bringing other men through the champions challenge. There are Champions lapel pins available as well as a Champions Challenge Coins. The Champion of Champions may want to get the Champions Ring and take the ring Challenge – harvesting for the Kingdom.

The plan is that simple. It is the challenge for men to grow in Christ as a man and then to help other men grow in Christ as well. It truly develops a "Band of Brothers."